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Chair-Side Desktop and Intraoral Scanners * Desktop Milling Machines * 3D Printers




At Yankee Tech Digital we narrow the gap between patients, doctors, and labs. We offer chair-side solutions for dental clinics and equipment for lab owners so they can obtain, analyze, and manufacture beautiful and harmonious restorations in the shortest time possible. All parts can be produced in-house or outsourced to a milling center of your choice. Using our Inteware TSP solutions, we can assist you in the implementation of the following technologies.

  • Same day implant surgery planning

  • Same day surgical guide printing

  • Same day fabrication of custom abutments

  • Same day fabrication of temporary and permanent restorations

  • Orthodontic analysis and treatment planning

  • Clear aligner design and fabrication

  • Bracket positioning

 All done in a 3D environment on a beautiful interface which has been engineered for easy use and speed.

Our dental scanners, milling machines, and 3D printers solutions are the ideal options for the dental clinics and lab owner looking for an easy entry into digital dentistry. Our desktop and intra-oral scanners have superior speed, precision, and smooth workflow.

Why Yankee Tech Digital

We believe in providing open systems solutions that allow dental clinics and small labs owners to communicate and exchange information without any limitation anywhere in the world. We want our customers to be able to provide fast and affordable services to their patient and elevate their standard of health care while maximizing profits. We support the latest medical and dental system standards such as STL and Dicom files. We also support Internet standards that facilitate the communication and exchange of information in a secured environment. Last but not least, we encourage small lab owners to embrace digital technology rather quickly and to learn how to leverage their skills in a digital era.

  • Provide faster and more accurate services
  • Lower the cost of design and manufacture
  • Mill in house of or your preferred lab
  • Quickly produce temporary and final restoration
  • Professional installation and configuration of your equipment
  • Superb bilingual North American technical support
  • Available CAD Design Services