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Digitally Transforming Clinics And Labs Across The Globe

At Yankee Tech Digital LLC we narrow the gap between patients, doctors, and labs. We bring the latest CAD/CAM systems and materials to offer our clients the most current system and technologies. We focus on open technologies so our clients can benefit from a workflow that fits best their clinic’s works style and needs. Our goal is to allow our clients to deliver beautiful and harmonious restorations in the shortest time possible without constraints and boundaries. We offer the freedom to choose from any lab regardless of the time zone or location. Our clients can also manufacture in-house utilizing our digital hardware and software solutions. All our solutions are FDA approved and comply with all the requirements and standards. Our systems integrate with any Open System in the market and are compatible with any material

Why Yankee Tech Digital

We support open system solutions to allow dental clinics and small labs owners to communicate and exchange information without any limitation or boundaries anywhere in the world. We want our customers to be able to provide fast and affordable services to their patients and raise their standard of health care while maximizing profits. We support the latest medical and dental system standards such as STL and Dicom files. When possible we find alternative materials -with the same or higher medical standard-, and use Internet to facilitate the communication and exchange of information in a secure environment. We encourage small lab owners to embrace digital technology rather quickly and request that they learn the skills necessary to stay competitive in the new digital era.

  • Become more efficient and precise
  • Lower cost and improve your income
  • In house or lab workflow. The choice is yours
  • Quickly produce temporary and final restoration

The manner in which dental restorations are planned, designed and fabricated has changed tremendously. From the initial diagnosis to the placement of restorations, the contemporary dental team utilizes computer technology in the delivery of oral care. Advances in computing power, together with 3-D diagnostic imaging and computer-aided design/ computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/ CAM), has contributed largely to this trend. Dentists are now utilizing a 3-D work environment combined with cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) technology and implant treatment planning software to design implant surgeries and order surgical guides.

The process has been further enhanced by the introduction of chairside optical scanners, laboratory optical scanners, restoration design software and precision printing and milling processes. Simultaneously, advances in material technology have enabled the dental team and patients to benefit from a new generation of highly robust and esthetic millable materials for restorations. Clinicians and laboratory technicians combine efforts with online communication tools and use these digital processes to achieve an enhanced level of restorative effectiveness with expanded treatment possibilities.

Our dental scanners, milling machines, and 3D printer solutions are the ideal options for the dental clinics and lab owners looking for an easy entry into digital dentistry. Our desktop and intra-oral scanners have superior speed, precision, and smooth workflow.

We provide professional installation, configuration, and support of all your equipment. We offer bilingual North-American technical and offer CAD design services for guided surgery and clear aligners