Thank you for your purchasing the Medit Intraoral scanner from us and choosing us as your partner into your digital dentistry journey.

Below you will find a collection of videos to help you get started with your Medit IOS. We recommend that you take time to watch these videos before you start using your intraoral scanner on real cases. Once you learn how to manipulate the scanner wand, navigate the user interface and understand the basic workflows. You will feel more capable to take on this journey. Start by scanning a Typodont, yourself and/or a coworker. At first, we recommend starting with single unit restorations and then move on to a multi unit, bridges and expanded edentulous areas. Remember, capturing  relevant information for the area being restore is more important than capturing a perfect impression of the full mouth or  adjacent areas away from the main restoration. Bear in mind that all the principals learned in dental school still apply. Lastly, practice makes perfect. Take the time to practice and watch the Medit Academy YouTube videos. They are full of information and they will keep you updated with the latest quirks and features.

Happy Scanning.

Hover over any of the videos below and then click Play. Full Screen Mode is available at the bottom of the video thumbnail or press “F” on your keyboard while watching the video. 

Medit Link Introduction

Clinical Account.

Product Unboxing. USBC Power at 10:31

Intraoral Scanner Calibration Process

Digital WorkFlow

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iScan Basics

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Scanning Strategies

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Crown & Bridge

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Medit Link Support and Manual