Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The client shall pay the balance due on the date of the equipment order.

  • Yankee Tech Digital LLC. does not offer any financing. Financing is available through third-party sources including Credid TIAA and other lending institutions

  • Yankee Tech Digital LLC. shall use its best efforts to deliver on the date specified on the equipment order, but shall not be responsible for delays beyond its control, nor shall such delays be considered a breach by Yankee Tech Digital LLC. In the event of any default by Yankee Tech Digital LLC., Purchaser shall, upon demand, be entitled to the return of the payment made under Section 1 as the Purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy.

  • Yankee Tech Digital LLC. assumes no responsibility for, and does not warrant the installation work of others nor does Yankee Tech Digital LLC. assume agents or personnel. Yankee Tech Digital LLC. MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, EXCEPT AS CONTAINED IN THIS AGREEMENT.  Yankee Tech Digital LLC. MAKES NO WARRANTY AS TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Yankee Tech Digital LLC. Agents and Consultants are not authorized to bind the company or to make warranties. Oral statements do not constitute warranties and may not be relied upon or considered part of this agreement.

  • Service, maintenance, repairs, replacement of defective parts, and labor will be furnished without charge by Yankee Tech Digital LLC. for 90 days following the date of installation of new equipment. Thereafter, Purchaser shall look only to the manufacturer’s standard warranty. If the manufacturer is unable to provide replacement product during repair Yankee Tech Digital LLC may endeavor to provide a temporary loaner during any period of repair, to the extent available.

Costs relating to the following activities shall be the sole responsibility of Purchaser and ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE PRICE:

  • The disconnecting and/or reinstalling of Purchaser’s existing equipment.
  • Changes or additions in plumbing, electrical, or carpentry work.
  • Necessary governmental inspections, approvals, and fees.
  • Union intervention in installation or delivery of the equipment.
  • Disposal of old equipment.
  • Insurance covering the equipment.

Purchaser shall maintain insurance covering the equipment against risks, with such insurers, in such form, and in such amounts as shall, from time to time, be reasonably required by Yankee Tech Digital LLC.

In the event of execution of a lease satisfactory to both parties, all monies paid in advance shall be returned.

In the event Yankee Tech Digital LLC. accepts a return of the equipment, Yankee Tech Digital LLC. may charge Purchaser a restocking fee.

In the event Purchaser breaches these Terms and Conditions, Yankee Tech Digital LLC. shall, in addition to any other remedies provided under law, have the right, at its option, to retain the down payment or other payments made by Purchaser hereunder as liquidated damages, it is being agreed that Yankee Tech Digital LLC.’s actual damages are difficult, if not impossible to ascertain. Purchaser agrees to pay Yankee Tech Digital LLC.’s reasonable attorney’s fees and other costs in enforcing the terms hereunder.

The equipment order and these Terms and Conditions when accepted by a duly authorized officer or manager of Yankee Tech Digital LLC  shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties and shall supersede all prior and contemporaneous written or oral negotiations, warranties, representations, and agreements relating to the equipment order.

By accepting an Yankee Tech Digital official quote you  warrant that the name provided on the equipment order is the exact legal name of Purchaser.

You agree to allow the named bank to release financial information relative to verifying funds available for this equipment order.

You acknowledge that Yankee Tech Digital LLC. or its designee may if requested, apply on Purchaser’s behalf for appropriate financing to finance this equipment order.

By signing this equipment order you have authorized the listed third-party agents, the credit card companies and/or lending agents, on Yankee Tech Digital LLC. or their designee to investigate my personal credit and finance records, including my banking records. Yankee Tech Digital LLC. will not have access to social security numbers requested and obtained by consumer credit reports on me in connection with the opening, monitoring, renewal, and extension of this and other accounts with Yankee Tech Digital LLC.

If you are a key opinion leader for other manufacturers of digital impression systems, and you purchase a unit through Yankee Tech Digital LLC., either with your name, an assumed named, or an associates name with the sole purpose of discrediting Yankee Tech Digital LLC’s platform, you agree to binding arbitration in Miami, FL, with a minimum settlement of $100,000 which will be donated to charity, after legal expenses.  You will also reveal publicly financial statements that similar manufacturers have remunerated you with courses, stipends, and other materials of significant value, and you permit Yankee Tech Digital LLC. to publish these statements, whether they were paid to you, a family member, or an entity that you may have created to shield your name from such payments.  You give us the expressed permission to investigate the serial number of the device that you use to assess its functionality where you undermine the capabilities of the machine for your own financial gain with other similar platforms.  If you are not a key opinion leader for other manufacturers, and you purchase devices from Yankee Tech Digital LLC., on behalf of a key opinion leader and allow him or her to use these devices with the intent to undermine the credibility of said platform, you agree to the same conditions outlined above.